Yseult, undated
Collection of Fred and Sherry Ross
In Le Morte d'Arthur, Queen Guinevere says, herself and Lancelot aside, Yseult and Tristram were the greatest lovers of all time. Yseult fell in love with Tristram as she nursed him back to health. Not long after, he was banished from the kingdom because he had killed Yseult's uncle. When he returned home he told his uncle, Mark, about Yseult and praised her so highly that Mark decided he wanted to marry her.  Yseult married Mark, even though she loved Tristram. The young couple had an affair once Yseult was married and were caught in bed together. Tristram went far away and married another woman named Yseult but he never forgot the first Yseult. As he was dying, he sent for her, and they died side by side. To see J.W. Waterhouse's painting of Yseult and Tristram, click here.